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Foster innovation and creativity at Avila's 1929- The premier Riverside destination where ideas flourish and creativity is celebrated.

Why Avila's Historic 1929

Set against the vibrant backdrop of downtown Riverside, Avila’s Historic 1929 is more than just a venue; it’s a source of inspiration for artists, educators, and innovators alike. With our unique blend of historical elegance and modern amenities, we provide the perfect setting for workshops that aim to enlighten, educate, and inspire. Whether you’re planning a session on the latest in design thinking, an art masterclass, or a non-profit educational seminar, our venue offers an environment that encourages focus, engagement, and conversation.

chairs organized for a workshop presentation for a non-profit organization
Party venue nicely set up in Avila's 1929 in Riverside, CA

Four Spaces to Choose From

Our venue boasts a variety of spaces that can be configured to suit workshops of any size and style, from intimate breakout sessions to larger, more formal presentations.

Culinary Excellence

Complement your workshop with exceptional catering options. From energizing breakfast meetings to elegant evening receptions, our masterful chef and dedicated team ensure every meal is memorable.

Charcuterie board with a wine bottle and wine glasses placed on a marble counter


Perfect For Special Events

This is a gorgeous venue that has wonderful food and a masterful chef! We had a breakfast meeting for Riverside East Rotary club. The venue is absolutely breathtaking And the service is fast, prompt, and friendly! I would recommend this venue any time for a great night out or for a special event.

- Karen Lucas

A Night to Remember

We hosted an event at Avila's Historic 1929 for about 100 people and it went so well! Veronica and her staff were professional, friendly, and there throughout to make sure everything ran smoothly. They were insightful, fun, and made it all look so easy. Truly, they took an already special event and made it even more memorable. If you're looking for a space to host an event in Riverside, then look no further than Avila's Historic 1929. 

- Daniel Acker

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